Conversation with Sheridan Tatsuno on Gaiapolis

Highlights of the Conversation with Sheridan Tatsuno

  • The unique historical moment and opportunity for a U.S.-Japan Evolutionary Partnership
  • Japan’s significant  achievements in creating a peaceful society that places highest priority on the quality of life in local communities
  • How a U.S.-Japan Evolutionary Partnership can immediately begin in Gaiapolis California, the fourth largest global market, with investments in California’s cities and people that  will greatly enhance the quality of life in these municipalities and local communities
  • How Japanese innovations and prowess in optical fiber can contribute significantly to upgrading the data and communications infrastructure of these cities, empowering local ownership, control, and management
  • How Big Heart Connectomes, guided by a new conception of Big Heart Intelligence, can help these communities identify and harvest the “wisdom genome” of its citizenry in ways that enable large numbers of people to realize their “soul’s work” and be paid well for it
  • How a U.S.-Japan Evolutionary Partnership can help spark a 21st Century Renaissance this time inspired by the cultural treasures of both West and East, and focused on the critical challenges of this century
  • And, finally, how a U.S.-Japan Evolutionary Partnership can identify and foster the noblest and highest potential of AI, which in both the Japanese and Chinese languages is the character for Love

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