Conversation with Grandmaster Li Junfeng

Highlights of the Conversation with Grandmaster Li Junfeng

  • In our practice we open the energy field around the Heart which is Unconditional Love. Immediately the soul and the spirit become peaceful, happy, and aligned.
  • This internal flow is enhanced when we deeply relax. Within our bodies the powerful energy field of Love guides and directs the Qi (life force), and the Qi cleanses the blood. We become more healthy, more alive.
  • Connecting immediately opens a two way circuit, a flow of energy.
  • When we practice sending out Love to the entire universe, we connect to the original energy which is Love. The alignment of our internal energy field, soul, and spirit with this original energy is extremely powerful.

For a 2015 conversation please click HERE.

(Featured image Heavenly Waterfall © 2022 by Julian Gresser)

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