Gaiapolis East Asia

Highlights of the Conversation with Gaiapolis Project Founders

In this video, the Gaiapolis founders discuss the practical challenges in realizing the Gaiapolis vision in the complex setting of East Asia. The matter is urgent, given the rising military and political tensions in the region. Gaiapolis suggests that rapidly enhancing quality in every sphere of life (e.g. public safety, respecting nature, nourishing community engagement) for millions of inhabitants in cities of Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China, and the U.S., is a viable antidote to increasing international stresses.

TW Kang’s presentation focuses on some of the bridges that must first be crossed.

Fred Phillips offers insights from over thirty years of personal and professional engagement in building Technopolis, Gaiapolis’ predecessor, in the USA, Korea, and worldwide.

Sheridan Tatsuno and Julian Gresser explore more deeply the meaning of giving highest priority to qualitative growth, respectful of human life and nature, replacing standard quantitative metrics as the benchmark of urban and regional success.

At the end of the video, Julian suggests an exercise “backlighting the future” from 2030 to today, how collectively, step by step, we actually and practically realize this extraordinary possibility.

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