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Julian Gresser’s lyrical autobiography How the Leopard Changed Its Spots tells the tells the story of the author’s remarkable discoveries concerning Love, Beauty, Vitality, Wisdom, and Synchronicity derived from his training with grandmasters in Zen, qigong, and martial arts in Japan and the West. It also describes his current work as a public interest international and environmental lawyer through the organization he cofounded, the Broadband International Legal Action Network. BBILAN is dedicated to restoring reasonable balance and sanity in challenging an industrial Wireless Juggernaut that is endangering the lives of millions of people around the world by enmeshing the Earth, Heavens, and Oceans in a network of radiation emitting surveillance devices.


Julian Gresser is an international attorney, professional negotiator, inventor, and recognized expert on Japan. He has been twice Visiting Mitsubishi Professor of Japanese law at the Harvard Law School (1976, 1981), a visiting professor at MIT, Doshisha University (Kyoto), and Beijing University, and as well as a senior consultant to the U.S. State Department, World Bank, Prime Minister’s Office of Japan, People’s Republic of China, and European Commission (where he trained the Commission’s Japanese negotiating teams). He is the author of eight books in English and Japanese, including: Environmental Law in Japan (MIT Press, 1981), Partners in Prosperity: Strategic Industries for the U.S. and Japan (McGraw Hill, 1984;( in Japanese, Cho Hanei Sengen), Piloting Through Chaos: Wise Leadership/Effective Negotiation for the 21st Century, (in JapaneseIshi Kettei Isutsu no Hosoku–Koshodo no Gokui), Piloting Through Chaos—The Explorer’s Mind (2013), Laughing Heart—A Field Guide to Exuberant Vitality for All Ages—10 Essential Moves; Integral Resilience—Helping Communities Thrive, and 5 Minutes to Resilience, in addition to numerous articles on technology, economics and law. 

In 2019 Julian Gresser returned to the practice of international, environmental, and public interest law, and is today among a few attorneys in the world who are challenging the onslaught of radiation emitting wireless devices and the invasion of the Heavens by hundreds of low orbiting non-geostationary satellites.

With hope of restoring balance and sanity, he co-founded the Broadband International Legal Action Network to accelerate practical solutions to these complex problems based on a new field of Big Heart Intelligence that he helped to originate.

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