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I would like to share a lifetime of discoveries, combining diverse experience and expertise as an international, environmental, public interest lawyer, Japan expert, professional negotiator, explorer, inventor, advisor to governments, corporations, and non-profit organizations, combining years of training with grandmasters of martial arts, qigong, Zen, and shaman-scientists exploring new frontiers in the science of consciousness.

“You did a really wonderful job integrating all of it into a really solid course. And I think with all the AI and data and all that it's going to be very rich, and people want to just be able to kind of break out into thinking, so congratulations on that one. No wonder your class on Japanese environmental law at Harvard blew everybody away. It was the best course I ever took at Harvard. It was it so informative, and so inspiring. And boy, was it useful later when I wrote Technopolis, because everybody said, How do you know so much about Japanese environmental law? And I said, Well, I took the course from Julian Gresser at Harvard, which they hadn’t heard of. So I told them they should read your book to learn about their own environmental law. That's how good it was.”

– Sheridan Tatsuno, City Planner, Author of The Gaiapolis Strategy, CSO

“I have to say this is like a breakthrough counseling session for me. I don't go to psychiatrists or anything whatsoever of that sort. But this discussion for me has been a transformational thing already. Julian, So I applaud you and thank you. The value of your course is really, I think, to be able to bring the present of your work and share that with everybody, and let everybody be a little part of it.”

– Robert Aaron, Tahoe Energy Solutions


Empowering Individuals, Teams, Cohorts, Organizations, Alliances, and Communities of Friendship


We have arrived at a critical pivot point of compounding challenges, of which climate change turbulence is only the most drastic. How to adapt effectively is a central challenge for every person, organization, and community in the world. We can learn together! 

The Rosetta Stone of adaptation is Integral Resilience.

By cultivating Integral Resilience—individually, within organizations and communities—we have a practical way to anticipate and to respond to risks at all levels, to flow with changing conditions, and to turn “wicked” unsolvable problems into opportunities. This self-paced online course provides you with essential skills, tools, and metrics to develop integral resilience. It also offers an evolutionary path for our collective survival over the next 3 years. Online office hours and personalized coaching will be available through July 31, 2024.

Goals of this course

This online self-paced course has 3 goals: 

  • First, to support members in measurably strengthening their integral resilience so they will be well positioned to realize their life’s calling by discovering and finding regenerative, remunerative work in the Fourth Sector Economy. Few people today are lucky to have this chance. We aim to generate these opportunities. 

  • Second, to help organizations of all kinds (for profit, non-profit, B-corps, foundations, local government agencies) build integral resilience by identifying and investing in passionate and talented employees, suppliers, alliance partners, and customers, thereby creating shared value for the communities they serve. 

  • Third, to assist local communities, beginning with the community of participants in this course, to realize measurable integral resilience, by supporting each other through a growing International Collaborative Learning and Innovation Network of 10,000 linked communities, cities, and associated bioregions around the world by 2030.

Unique Course Features


  • 17 Core Modules with References and Resources, Exercises, and Discovery Questions

  • Weekly “Office Hours” with Julian and Integral Resilience Experts and Ambassadors

  • Weekly Live Evolutionary Conversations with luminaries from many fields

  • Cohort Practicums applying Integral Resilience to urgent challenges

  • Collaborative Learning Community of the course participants—applying the essential skills, tools, and metrics

  • Three Interactive eBooks:  1) How the Leopard Changed Its Spots—Evolutionary Values for an Age in Crisis; 2) Piloting Through Chaos—The Explorers Wheel; 3) Integral Resilience—Helping Communities Thrive

  • Breaking News Topic Feeds for Integral Resilience across many applications

  • Surprise Course Bonuses


  • 5 Minutes to Resilience—Synchronicity based app connecting resilience challenges by the Power of Synchronicity to new skills and perspectives

  • The Explorers Wheel—helps you cultivate Big Heart Intelligence and “Inter-tidal Thinking”

  • Wisdom Discovery—turns some of the great figures of history and literature into your personal mentors and advisors

  • Organizational and Community Resilience

  • Integral Resilience Scorecards—Baseline, Metrics, Charts, and Graphs to track personal progress in all areas of Integral Resilience

Course Application


  • Learn Integral Resilience Practices: including Just Click!Building Life Force and Inner Power, and Connecting to Nature

  • Expand the “Market Share” of Beauty and Enchantment

  • Develop Big Heart Intelligence 

  • Align with the Forces of Synchronicity and Meaningful Coincidence

  • Identify Your Life’s Calling through Regenerative Careers in the Fourth Sector Economy

  • Apply ChatGPT4 and prompt engineering as a valuable ally in building Integral Resilience


  • Organizational Resilience Scorecard—Instant diagnosis of strengths and vulnerabilities and understand how to respond to them

  • Resilient Negotiation—build effective negotiation teams based on a proven system

  • Resilient Strategic Alliances—use Integral Resilience to design and manage strategic alliances in order to spread risks, create community value, and gain competitive advantage

  • Identify talented employees that will create shared value with your community

  • The Shadow Game—How to decode and to neutralize The Shadow Game designed to undermine your organization’s Integral Resilience


  • Community Resilience Scorecard—Instant diagnosis of strengths and vulnerabilities, and early alerts on community risks

  • A collaborative process of innovation engaging diverse stakeholders to build community wide Integral Resilience

  • Discover the “magical” power of Paying Forward

Target Course Audience

  • Entrepreneurs and innovators

  • The legal community (includes 3 hours of MCLE credits

  • Young professionals (25+) just starting out in building new careers

  • Caregivers and well-being coaches

  • Cultural Creatives

  • 21st Century Humanists

  • Those in middle age (40-70) who are seeking a change and want to make a difference

  • Those of advancing age (70-100) who believe they have accumulated valuable life experience and want to share it  and make a difference

  • Women leaders

  • Professional negotiators

  • Grassroots advocates, participants in noble causes

  • People who are fascinated, yet deeply concerned about Chat GPT and AI—who want to learn new and practical ways to apply this new technology to significant personal and community challenges.
  • CEOs, Senior VPs for corporate strategy, HR Department Directors, Chief Sustainability, Resilience, Regeneration, Innovation, and Alliance Officers

  • City mayors, county supervisors, and their staffs

  • City planners, urban innovators and bioneers

Practical Course Benefits

This course is designed to deliver the following practical benefits:

  • To build your Integral Resilience and be able to measure your progress

  • To point out practical ways to use this core life competency to identify your life’s calling, passions, regenerative work, and launch you on a path to be paid for it

  • To provide easy to use tools to track and measure your progress in building your resilience and identifying and refining your regenerative work

  • To learn how to use a Wisdom Expert App to tap the “wisdom genome” of many of the great figures of history and literature, as well to encode the wisdom of wise mentors in your life, and apply this wisdom practically in developing your integral resilience

  • To discover the Wisdom of Nature and apply it practically in your life

  • To learn some of the basics of the Art of Prompt Engineering with Chat GPT 4

  • To acquire an essential new life skill—Intertidal Thinking—which will enable you to transcend narrow vertical silos of knowledge, and along with Chat GPT 4—(which addresses 80% of most tasks) enables you to cultivate the remaining 20% of your highest creative potential

  • To learn the basics of Resilient Negotiation, Resilient Teams, and Resilient Strategic Alliances.

  • To be introduced to the new science of complexity through the lens of a new frontier of scientific research on enchantment and meaningful coincidences, synchronicity, and serendipity.

  • To train along with the course creator, Julian Gresser and his close colleagues, and have the benefit of joining Evolutionary Conversations with grandmasters in many fields who will be commenting and contributing to the course.

  • Obtain a course completion certification.

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Julian Gresser

“The emphasis throughout Piloting Through Chaos is on negotiation, but the analysis and wisdom go well beyond that now available in the literature. This volume is a breakthrough in the use of words, thought processes and managing behavior responsibly.”

– Oliver Oldman, Learned Hand Professor (Emeritus), Harvard Law School

“Julian Gresser assesses some of the fundamental aspects of human behavior. Any negotiator, however experienced, will find new insights in this book.”

– Peter Price, Honorary Member of the European Parliament

"One portfolio company had been mired in negotiations with a foreign company for over a year. In one day’s training, they put together a new plan and team, and three months later closed an OEM agreement worth millions.”

Dr. Chuck K. Chan, General Partner, Alpine Technology Ventures

"IPOs in China and Japan, inventions in clean energy, decoding Japanese negotiation strategies, incubators for creativity and innovation, the role of beauty in discovery and bringing ideas to market—Julian Gresser is a Renaissance man with an amazing array of achievements and gifts."

– John Tarrant, Zen master, author, Bring Me the Rhinoceros and other works

"Gresser is an international attorney, but also a 21st Century Renaissance Man, with a lifetime of experience in business, music, martial arts, invention, and meditation."

Kenneth Cohen, author of The Way of Qigong and Honoring the Medicine

"Julian Gresser’s work shows with insight, style and imagination how integrity, that most fundamental of human virtues, continues to be vital to success, and even survival, in the ongoing negotiation of life in our rapidly changing world.  The added value in Piloting Through Chaos is the author’s suggestions on how integrity can be cultivated by conscious thought and action, and on how core integrity can affect outcomes in a variety of contexts."

Peter L. Murray, Visiting Professor of Law, Harvard Law School

“The market is flooded with books and tapes about negotiating, but no one, until now, offers insight into the underlying essence of our interpersonal abilities. This fresh approach, if followed, can be transforming for us as individuals, and as a nation.”

– Claudine Schneider, Former U.S. Congresswoman

“Julian is 100% invested in teaching; an active listener; dedicated to ensuring that the class learns; he is high in energy and empathetic. What would my comments be to future participants? Exciting; out-of-the-box; has life application; fundamental to all relationships.”

– Bobbie Busha, Manager, BellSouth

“We need a cultural revolution as transformative as were the scientific and industrial revolutions. If human culture is to survive without unacceptable impacts on the planetary environment, we must live differently as a culture. This means that the arts and humanities are on the front lines of collaborating with scientists and engineers, we need a 'second renaissance.' Julian Gresser, in the second edition of “Piloting through Chaos,” presents a sharply focused methodology for attacking some of the urgent problems and seizing the new opportunities.”

Roger Malina, Editor, Leonardo

“Julian Gresser is one of those rarest of teachers. He embodies the wisdom that he shares. His pioneering work in negotiation is a quantum leap in human understanding and will move people to their highest level of truth and accomplishment. The value is incalculable, not only to individuals, but to our society.”

– Michael Fitzgerald, Former Director, Washington State Department of Trade & Economic Development

“There is widespread agreement that leadership at any level and in any area requires integrity in the person, the practice, and the profession. It is also clear that this is no easy, simple task, nor can it remain at the mercy of luck, sentimental or institutional formation. Julian Gresser - lawyer, scholar, martial artist, and street-smart practitioner - now makes available the teaching and achievement of integrity in its integral form. As a foundation president, former commissioner, ambassador, and university president, I have had occasion to enlist Julian’s remarkable system and energies. He/it is a godsend for our troubled times and leaders.”

– Dr. Glen A. Olds, U.S. Ambassador to UNESCO

Julian Gresser

I am Julian Gresser

In an increasingly chaotic world—as we are seeing in the August 2023 Maui wildfire– random tragedy can happen instantly and without warning. We must therefore pay closer attention to fortifying our local community’s resilience and interdependence. These two qualities—resilience and interdependence–can become our eyes and ears to anticipate and to respond to catastrophe, as well as to discover new things about the world. They reinforce one another. You can strengthen your personal resilience by helping your community to increase its interdependence.

As a practicing environmental public interest lawyer I deal with such issues daily in challenging the overreach of the wireless industry, and compliant, if not captive, federal, state, and local agencies. I can tell you plainly that Congressional legislators and governmental policy makers in the U.S. are actively working to undermine state and local resilience and interdependence.

We are faced with an unprecedented attack on civil liberties where the very integrity and Constitutional balance between the federal government, states, and local governments is in jeopardy. There is today a blizzard of 50+ bills before the U.S. Congress that together are intended to fatally disempower and strip away the Constitutional rights and prerogatives of local communities to protect and secure their health, safety,  environment, privacy and basic wellbeing–essentially, to cripple local resilience and interdependence.

Resilience and interdependence are thus not luxuries but core life-preserving competencies over which we have a far greater control than we imagine. I understand that many people today are feeling helpless, burned out, and despairing. For this reason I am planning to offer a twelve week course beginning in January 2024 to provide a practical basis for hope and proven tools to help you reclaim control. By focusing on restoring and building our personal resilience and our community’s interdependence, we become the makers of our destinies.

You can track and measure your progress in developing these basic core competencies. And the great wonder is to look and to see what can happen beneficially in the “outer” or “external” world, when we and our community cultivate these “inner” powers. In this sense the cultivation of resilience resembles an “inner” martial art.

The old and tired ways of thinking and acting are obviously not serving us well in meeting today’s challenges. We still have time to learn from the past, to cultivate evolutionary values, and most importantly, to befriend Nature as our primary source of beauty, wisdom, and vitality in helping us to chart the path ahead.

We have together, collectively as a species, a choice to transcend. And it can begin in the most tangible and practical ways, in reclaiming balance in our daily lives and strengthening the resilience of our communities. Whether and how we choose to evolve is our responsibility… and our great adventure.

Note: The circle and red petal image is an example of Zenga, or Zen art. The enso circle is a portal to the essential world of vast spaciousness and emptiness that abides and is alive in every moment and everything. From a Zen perspective:

The Mind—our Mind—is none other than the mountains,

rivers, and the great living earth, the sun, the moon, and the stars.

And the Heart—our Heart—is the living field that embraces it all.

International Attorney, Professional Negotiator, Social Innovator, Explorer

  Julian Gresser is an international attorney, social entrepreneur, professional negotiator, inventor, and recognized expert on Japan. As a negotiator his most dramatic success involved helping a San Francisco-based trading company transform its $8 million after-tax branch into a $1 billion Japanese company in seven years. This transaction originated by Julian Gresser and his colleague, Professor James E. Schrager, has come to be called “Going Public Japanese Style” adopting the title of an article they jointly authored in the Wall Street Journal. From 1976-1983 he was twice Visiting Mitsubishi Professor at the Harvard Law School and also taught courses as a Visiting Professor at MIT on the legal issues of strategic industries. He has been a Visiting Professor at Beijing University, where he taught seminars on Japanese and U.S. environmental law, and also helped the Chinese environmental authorities draft China’s Marine Pollution Control Law. In 1981 Julian Gresser co-founded The Pacific Law Group, with offices in Los Angeles and Tokyo, in partnership with another American expert on Japanese law, the former CEO of the Bank of Tokyo, and the former Director of the Tax Bureau of the Ministry of Finance. Julian has served as legal and business advisor to numerous U.S., Japanese, and European companies on a wide array of business issues, including joint ventures, limited (venture capital) partnerships, technology licensing, export controls and customs fraud, antitrust, and intellectual property protection, particularly patent infringement disputes. He has been a senior consultant to the U.S. State Department, The World Bank, The Prime Minister’s Office of Japan, The People’s Republic of China, and the European Commission (where he trained the Commission’s Japanese negotiating teams). He is the author of eight books in English and Japanese, including most recently two online “living” books and a new series of online courses based on the algorithm of Integral Resilience. His new course on Community Resilience—Essential Skills, Tools, and Metrics, synthesizes his discoveries, inventions, and innovations during the past 40 years, based on training with grandmasters in many fields, and his current practice as an international, public interest, environmental lawyer.

At the top of this web page the calligraphy by Julian is entitled “Water Dragons at Play”. It is a form of “expressionist Zenga,” or Zen inspired art.