Conversation with Dr. Joseph Cambray on Emergence from Complexity

In this Evolutionary Conversation former Pacifica University President and CEO, Dr. Joseph Cambray, and Julian Gresser, explore the theory of emergence in helping communities like Santa Barbara foresee, manage, and then thrive when facing complex adaptive challenges. Joseph Cambray Synchronicity—Nature and Psyche in an Interconnected World (2012) Synchronicity and Emergence Altered States, Intelligences, and Oracles: Re-visioning […]

Conversation with Grandmaster Li Junfeng

Highlights of the Conversation with Grandmaster Li Junfeng For a 2015 conversation please click HERE. (Featured image Heavenly Waterfall © 2022 by Julian Gresser)

Conversation with Grandmaster Li Junfeng – Origin of Big Heart

Note to our Readers: Qigong Grand Master Li Junfeng is a living exemplar of Laughing Heart’s exuberant vitality. At 78 he is as spry as a mountain goat. He travels around the world and according to him is never jet lagged even after 20 hour flights. As all true masters he is continuously learning and […]

Seeing the Big Picture in Medical Science

A 21st-century collaborative framework has the potential to deliver more effective and affordable therapies by aligning and engaging all sectors of society. By Julian Gresser, Jeffrey L. Goldberg, & Alfredo A. Sadun  (originally published in Stanford Social Innovation Review) More than one billion people today are suffering or dying from some form of neurodegenerative disease, and […]

Metrics: Estimating Personal and Organizational Resilience

Various methods are being used to measure general resilience. These are some of the most popular and evidence-based. Given the importance of resilience, it is not surprising there are various methodologies to measure it. One source has curated the most popular and evidence-based of these methods. 1. Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale (CD-RISC) A study conducted by Windle, Bennett, […]

Santa Barbara as a Resilient City: 10 Steps Toward Sustainable Change

To effect beneficial change in any community requires a commitment by that community to heighten the level of awareness, engagement, and innovative thinking. Here are ten practical actions for Santa Barbara to implement a program of immediate and sustainable change toward enhanced integral resilience benefiting the entire community. Action # 1: Launch a Community-wide Educational […]

Big Heart Intelligence in Healthy Workplaces and Sustainable Communities

Following recent advances linking green design and a Well Building Standard™ that are reported to enhance cognitive function, the author passionately advocates a bold new concept of “Big Heart Intelligence (BHI). BHI will transform how we design, build, and engage in healthier, more sustainable workplaces and living environments, and catch the wave of the next […]

Abe must act now to seal Fukushima reactors, before it’s too late

Julian Gresser, Ernst Frankel and Jerome A. Cohen say complacency is putting the world at risk Dear Prime Minister Abe, the Fukushima crisis is getting worse. Yet you have an option at your disposal to resolve it. But first you must begin by challenging a chain of untested and dangerous assumptions that have lulled you […]