High value applications

There is a growing global market of people and organizations who are discovering that it is simply good business to invest in and liberate the talents of passionate community-minded people, and to help steward the coming regenerative, circular, eco-conscious economy.

This includes a wide range of corporations (including Benefit Corporations), non-profit organizations, foundations, philanthropists, government agencies, and benefactors of all kinds whose mission is to effectively respond to climate change and embrace 21st century evolutionary values, as expressed in:

The course will be offered asynchronously in 17 modules so that participants can join at times and under conditions that are most congenial for them.

Each module will be accompanied by a transcript, resources, and questions to prompt the group conversations on the module and discover the interconnections with other modules, for the course is designing as a living mosaic to encourage “intertidal thinking” a key to innovation.

In addition to member’s discussions groups, each week there will be 1 hour Zoom “office hours” with Julian Gresser and associates to discuss your ideas and questions.

The course will provide an analytic framework to enable members to track and measure their personal progress, while collectively generating a “Resilience Multiplier Effect (RME).”

Members join an online Collaborative Learning and Innovation Network where they can acquire practical skills to negotiate, structure, and manage these strategic relationships – including private discussion forums, Zoom group check-ins, member chat, advanced negotiation resources, and more. 

Live interactive Chat GPT engagement support is provided to help course participants to clarify, drill-down, assess, and address individual course outcome goals.

The course will include weekly 1½ hour live Evolutionary Conversations, featuring distinguished guests on the themes of each module and drawn from special online discussion groups on the website. These encourage members to present questions and contribute valuable insights.

The program will include stories from the author’s own adventure-filled life as an international attorney, explorer, inventor, humanist, and expert on East Asia.

The basic text and materials include three e-books:

Emergence as an Essential 21st Century Capability. The course will be a living demonstration and embodiment of the principles of emergence at the frontier of a new science of complexity.

Of special interest and exploration will be research on Enchantment, Meaningful Coincidences, Synchronicity, and Serendipity which offer valuable guides on how to navigate personally, in organizations and communities at the boundary of order, uncertainty, creativity, and chaos.

Value Added Resilience Market Maker—will assist organizations and communities to develop effective strategies to identify, invest in, and support resilient, impassioned and dedicated younger professionals who want to use their skills and talents to help ESG organizations and the communities they serve, to respond to climate change challenges

All of humanity today faces battalions of unprecedented risks and crises from all directions and on many levels. How to anticipate these risks and to adapt effectively not simply to survive, but also to flourish is a great challenge of our age. We have a noble chance to meet these challenges fiercely together —to uncover inside chaos new opportunities for kindness, compassion, enhanced quality of life in harmony with Nature that we scarcely imagine possible.

This Newsletter offers a first taste of a 12 week online living course beginning in March 2024 that will provide for you, your organization, and your community with the essential skills, tools, and metrics of “Integral Resilience”—a Rosetta Stone for Adaptability.