Module 1 On Obstacles and Reverses: Turning Adversity to Advantage
Unit 1 How Happy are You in Your Work or Cause?  
Module 2 Your Greatest Negotiation Challenges?
Unit 1 What are Your Greatest Negotiation Challenges? Setting a Baseline  
Unit 2 Resilience Defined  
Unit 3 What is Your “System”?  
Unit 4 What is Your Negotiator’s Compass?  
Unit 5 Who are your Negotiation Role Models, Coaches, and Mentors?  
Unit 6 Comparisons with Other Negotiation Methodologies

Module 3 Resilient Negotiation Basics (1)
Unit 1 Case # 1—The Swedish Builder  
Unit 2 Resilient Negotiation Defined

Module 4 Resilient Negotiation Basics (2)
Unit 1 Integrity  
Unit 2 Big Heart Intelligence and Integral Resilience  
Unit 3 Negotiation and Decision Making: Are Negotiations Emotional or Conceptual?  
Unit 4 What Do We Really Need, and Why This Question is Crucial in Negotiations?  
Unit 5 Emotional Balance  
Unit 6 The Shadow Game  
Unit 7 Flow and Timing — Action Response Reaction  
Unit 8 Character is Destiny  
Unit 9 Seeing the Big Picture

Module 5 The 5 Rings™ as a Universal Guide to Decision Making in Negotiations
Unit 1 The 5 Core Values  
Unit 2 Ring # 1--Know Yourself (Vision & Imagination)  
Unit 3 Ring 2—Reconnaissance (Curiosity & Wonder)  
Unit 4 Ring 3--Preparing the Presentation (Cultivating Will, Steadiness, and Trust in the Connection)  
Unit 5 Ring 4—Presentation  
Unit 6 Ring 5--After Presentation(Commitment)

Unit 7 Summarizing the 5 Rings System  
Module 6 The Art of the Question
Unit 1 The Art of the Question (in science, negotiations, and all forms of inquiry)  
Unit 2 Forms of Questions and their Results—Brush and Scalpel  
Unit 3 Questions and their Relationship to Need and Pain  
Unit 4 Deep Listening  
Unit 5 Nourishing  
Unit 6 Connectors  
Unit 7 Checkpoint (3+): Confirming discoveries  
Unit 8 The Reverse  
Unit 9 Critical Parent  
Unit 10 The Pendulum  
Unit 11 The Reverberating Question

Module 7 Going Behind the Mask
Unit 1 Going Behind the Mask  
Unit 2 Player Integrity Profiles (PIPS)  
Unit 3 Practical Applications

Module 8 Practice Case - Applying The Resilient Negotiator in Public Advocacy for Environmental/Health Justice
Unit 1 Practice Case: Hexavalent Chromium

Module 9 Resilience Multiplier Advantage: Paying Forward and Creating Your Own Luck
Unit 1 Resilience Multiplier Advantage

Module 10 Negotiating in Teams
Unit 1 Negotiating in Teams

Module 11 Analytics
Unit 1 Analytics  
Unit 2 Action Log  
Unit 3 Player Integrity Profile  
Unit 4 The Weekly Log  
Unit 5 Explorers Wheel  
Unit 6 Weekly Resilience Tracking  
Unit 7 5 Rings Diagram  
Unit 8 IRQ Baseline Change Tracking

Module 12 Essentials of Mastery
Unit 1 How to Practice  
Unit 2 Coach’s and Player’s Compact  
Unit 3 New Programs and Initiatives in 2019

Module 13 TRN System Glossary
Unit 1 Glossary  
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