Discovery is seeing what everybody else has seen, and thinking what nobody else has thought.
Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel Laureate in Physiology and Medicine
The questions one asks oneself begin, at last, to illustrate the world.
James Baldwin
Our goal is to begin an open global conversation on Evolutionary Values focused on urgent community and planetary challenges. Each Evolutionary Conversation will focus on a compelling theme or situation and will highlight the work of others who are imaginatively engaged at a new frontier. In every instance, Evolutionary Values runs like a river just below the surface.
We invite our readers to email your own questions and insights. It is not about the conclusions we reach, but the process of opening our minds and hearts, and listening deeply to one another. In a hyperpolarized and noisy world, deep listening may itself be an evolutionary value.
* What are the deep questions that you feel must be addressed to ensure our planet’s survival?
* How might your life be beneficially enhanced if you gained insight into your pressing questions?
* How might you help alleviate the pain or enhance the joy of others with these discoveries?

2024 Calendar

Evolutionary Conversations Calendar—Spring 2024

  • February 12–Leveling the Playing Field with the Wireless Juggernaut—Essential Skills, Tools, and Metrics to Support a Strategic Shift

  • February 19–The Resilient Negotiator—10 Essential Skills

  • February 26–Finding Your Inner Power

  • March 4– How to Dialogue with Chat GPT4—Strategic Uses of AI to Benefit Humanity and the Living Environment

  • March 11–5 Minutes to Resilience

  • March 15—Burnout—(1:00 pm-2:00 pm)

  • March 18—The Miracle of Paying Forward

  • March 25—American Climate Corps–Building Regenerative Careers in the Fourth Sector Economy

  • April 1–How Integrally Resilient is My Community?—A First Assessment

  • April 8—Women Leaders and Human Security

  • April 15—Integral Resilience and Risk Management

  • April 22—Integral Resilience, Synchronicity, Emergence, and the New Science of Complexity

  • April 22–Will Lake Tahoe Be Overrun with Plastics and What to Do About It?

  • April 29–International Children’s Declaration—A New Model of International Advocacy

  • May 6– Empowering Minority Communities in the face of Climate Change

  • May 13–How Can NYC Become More Resilient?

We welcome your suggestions for future Evolutionary Conversations programs. 

Evolutionary Conversations Archive

We have been having Evolutionary Conversations for many years.
  • Here are some of the most interesting from our Archives. Can you identify the deeper Evolutionary Value Proposition in each of these dialogues?
  • How might you use this insight to address important issues in your own life or for your community?
  • How do these values, irrespective of time, setting, and culture enhance our common humanity and bring us closer together?

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