The Trigger Method: A Powerful Way to Assess the Leverage of Strategic Industries and Technologies in Economic Growth and Job Creation

The Trigger Method (in Japanese: hikigane shiho) (The Trigger Method PDF) was conceived during a two- year research project and special cross disciplinary course conducted by Professor Julian Gresser at the Harvard Law School and MIT’s Program on Science, Technology, and Society between 1982-1984. It was part of a book Partners in Prosperity—Strategic Industries for the U.S. and […]

Seeing the Big Picture in Medical Science

A 21st-century collaborative framework has the potential to deliver more effective and affordable therapies by aligning and engaging all sectors of society. By Julian Gresser, Jeffrey L. Goldberg, & Alfredo A. Sadun  (originally published in Stanford Social Innovation Review) More than one billion people today are suffering or dying from some form of neurodegenerative disease, and […]

Gamifying the Process: The Intelligent Resilience Wheel

The process of building community-wide resilience for all of Santa Barbara can be approached in a manner that is playful and fun for all. The process of building community-wide resilience for all of Santa Barbara is far too important a challenge not to be approached in manner that is whimsy, playful, and fun for all. […]

Santa Barbara as a Resilient City: 10 Steps Toward Sustainable Change

To effect beneficial change in any community requires a commitment by that community to heighten the level of awareness, engagement, and innovative thinking. Here are ten practical actions for Santa Barbara to implement a program of immediate and sustainable change toward enhanced integral resilience benefiting the entire community. Action # 1: Launch a Community-wide Educational […]

A Smart Green Explorers Wheel: Empowering Innovative Local Communities  

Julian Gresser, MA, JD, Woodrow W.Clark II, MA3, PhD., and Francisco Acuna, MPA MBA, JD Green technologies are beneficially transforming every aspect of life on Planet Earth in the 21st century. Partners in Prosperity—Strategic Industries for the U.S. and Japan documented how in specific historical times and places certain economically “strategic” technologies and industries served as catalysts […]

Accelerating Innovation Integration in the Green Industrial Revolution

Overview In the Green Industrial Revolution Woodrow Clark and Grant Cooke describe the environmental, social, economic, and political forces and some of the critical technologies that are driving a third global industrial transformation. These technologies  will shape the direction of Planet Earth in the 21st century. In an earlier book, Partners in Prosperity—Strategic Industries for the U.S. and […]

Big Heart Intelligence and Corporate Destiny

The idea that “character is destiny” is ascribed to the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus (535-475 BC) who taught that the world is constantly in flux.1 The two are related, because character is the quality that provides balance, foresight, and wisdom against forces seemingly beyond our control. Like people, organizations have character often referred to as “culture.” […]