Summary of February 25 Evolutionary Conversation — Discovering Your Inner Power, Part I

Leveling the Playing Field with the Wireless Juggernaut is a part of a larger response to the rapid deterioration of values essential to our collective survival—specifically, wisdom, caring, kindness, integrity, and intimacy and dialogue with Nature. As David Attenborough documents, we have already crossed seven critical planetary boundaries. There is considerable evidence that we — our movement and our funders — who seek to restore some semblance of decency, balance, and sanity in the wireless and satellite industries’ assault on the public, are despairing and burning out.

Our purpose in this Leveling the Playing Field series is to provide a practical basis for hope by focusing on domains of mind and heart (and soul) expressed in individual and collective action where we have 100% control. Our struggle with the Wireless Juggernaut and its allied satellite industry is just one vivid compelling example of a far deeper and epic struggle.

In our first Zoom meeting in the series, we focused on general areas where our opponents are weak, and we are strong. We urged the necessity of a shift in strategy, recognizing that our opponents are also engaged in an ever more aggressive strategic and tactical shift against the general public interest. In the second program, we introduced some of the basics of a proven system of Resilient Negotiation and identified some of the “moves” in a sophisticated Shadow Game now being played by powerful forces against a largely unaware, uninformed, and disempowered public. 

In our February 25 program we focused at the micro level on one simple practice that will take you no more than 5 minutes to begin to build your personal Integral Resilience.

A word of how I came upon this “miracle.” It is based on 40 years of dedicated practice of Zen, martial arts, qigong (under Grandmaster Li Junfeng), exploration of the classics and beauty, love of Nature, and many years with psychological self-regulation pioneer Dr. Elmer Green and his Voluntary Controls Program at the Menninger Foundation. And I also pay tribute to the fine work of HeartMath Institute that has spent decades investigating the science of energy fields around the human heart.

The webinar’s purpose is simply to provide a first taste of Integral Resilience. It is not a concept. It is a life experience that you can validate for yourself. Here are some resources:

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