Leveling the Playing Field with the Wireless Juggernaut—Essential Skills, Tools, and Metrics to Support a Strategic Shift—February 12, 2024

Julian’s Presentation Essential Points

3 Central Ideas of Today’s Evolutionary Conversation: 

  • A  Shift in strategy is imperative.
  • Building Integral Resilience at all levels is the key to Leveling the Playing Field with the wireless and space industries and compliant government agencies.
  • We are creating together a collaborative platform with principles of action that will enable us to cope and adapt to a far broader range of social and environmental upheavals on many levels.

Present Assessment of the Wireless Juggernaut Struggle and Battleground

  • The battleground may appear hugely  disproportionate and unequal but from only one vantage point.
  • “They”—the wireless and space industries, agencies, Congress, state governments, the financial community, wealthy backers, politicians from both parties– are collaborating effectively against the public and the public interest.
  •  The industries (wireless and satellite) and the agencies legally mandated to regulate them are in open and cynical defiance of the courts. The degree to which this is happening is somewhat new in JG’s experience-(-although it is fair to say the agencies–FCC, FDA, EPA, etc.– were historically never intended by Congress to be friendly to the public, as opposed to supportive of the industries they regulate. The present situation, however, is wildly imbalanced.)
  • “We”–the public–in many instances are losing hope, and even financial backers are retreating. 
  • Many grassroots advocates are feeling overwhelmed and burning out.
  • They–the purveyors and their agents– are shifting strategy by intensifying the assault on basic freedoms, health, environment, and evolutionary values: “Might makes right” is the ancient governing value.
  • To “win,” We the public must adjust and agilely adapt. But how to adapt?

Message: Practical Hope: Leveling the Playing Field

  • We-the public- also have power if and when we collectively Will to exercise  it.
  • We possess vast numbers, extraordinary talents, and creative resources, and we also have funding power.
  • And the law is still largely on our side, even though the purveyors are aggressively seeking to change it.  (example, current attempts to repeal by implication NEPA and CEQA).
  • Where do we have power and capacity over which we have 100% control? We cannot control the purveyors or the agencies or the courts; nor can we control results or timing.  But we have 100% control over our own actions and how we respond to the thoughts in our minds and the stories we tell ourselves and each other. We have 100% control over developing our Integral Resilience–defined as the capacity to turn adversity to advantage, to flow with and through difficult conditions—personally, in cohorts, organizations, strategic alliances, organizations, and communities. We can build our own resilient community (ies).
  •  The purveyor’s model is also dysfunctional. It is unsafe, unresilient, energy inefficient, cyber-insecure, and rapidly becoming obsolete. Our opponents are, therefore, very vulnerable, when we understand where, when, and how to engage.
  • And what is most to our advantage and compelling is there exists at least one immediate viable industrial alternative–optical fiber to the workplace and premises. No doubt there many other technological and social innovations that we can engender and support. For optical fiber there are $ billions of dollars of government subsidies and funding available for entrepreneurs who are seeking to build paying careers in this field. And the next great frontier is climate tech and climate finance and climate resilience–all opening new paying careers to be realized in this Fourth Sector Economy.
  • There are powerful strategic and tactical uses of Chat GPT4 which we can be used to the public’s advantage.
  • Of course, lawyers can play a critically important role. We must continue to build bridges with counsel—developing even more powerful and effective ways to collaborate effectively. BBILAN is actively inviting younger lawyers to enter this field and to learn from and collaborate with some of the veterans like Andrew Campanelli, Scott McCollough, Robert Berg, and Fred Schenk.
  • And we are winning in certain areas. We have real data that if we can intercept a macro-tower or a small cell farm at an early stage, we can stop or compel the interception of these dangerous projects/
  • A win in any area can be multiplied when we understand its secrets.
  • And the fiber wired industry can gain mortal leverage by out-competing the wireless purveyors based on safety (“Safe G”),  efficiency, and evolutionary values. We should exercise consumer power by purchasing the products and otherwise supporting companies that recognize creating shared value by protecting the public is in their enlightened corporate interests.
  • The wireless and space industries, federal, state, and local governments are not monolithic (See Viasat v. FCC). There are opportunities for alliances. As our side’s Integral Resilience increases, these opportunities will become more apparent. We become stronger, more flexible, more creative by resisting the impulse to view the world in bi-polar terms of good and evil.

Case Examples— Integral Resilience model is making a quiet difference—not splashy, but critical in:

  • FFLA et. al. v. LA -BOS
  • Tahoe—(water, EMFs, fire)
  • International Children’s Declaration [LOVE btw. Is there shareable content for this?]
  • Space policy–GAO report, recent FCC regulations on space debris

Today’s Evolutionary Conversation: Goals:

  •  Immediately begin building cohorts and larger resilient communities. Here is where the power lies.
  • Deliver a first taste and assessment—It begins with self-awareness.
  • We are building a community—it is an emergent process. The process of emergence is what makes our effort extraordinary. We can touch the future as it reaches back and touches us.
  • We work on basics—Building Personal Integral Resilience—How to Turn Adversity to Advantage. We begin with practical hope.

Take away: Self-assessment—Art of War: Sun Tzu: Know Yourself/Know the Opponent—You cannot be defeated in 100 battles. Thus: How to Know Our own self?

Announcement: 12 week online/live Capability Building Program

These Evolutionary Conversations are setting the stage for those who want to go deeper and to become members to acquire advanced capability through a 12 week online/live course beginning on April 1 2024.

  • Next Evolutionary Conversations in the series will introduce critical tools—Resilient Negotiation, Art of Prompt Engineering ( or how to converse with AI, 5 Minutes to Resilience, the Miracle of Paying Forward, Finding Your Power in Burnout, Integral Resilience and Risk Assessment.
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Each individual life is a journey of many stories. Here is a quote from Homer’s Odyssey:

In my greatest peril, I will stay with it, and endure suffering and hardship, and once the heaving sea has shaken my raft to pieces, then will I swim.”

Evolutionary Conversations Calendar—Spring 2024

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