Revitalizing the Humanities

Revitalizing the Humanities: a Conversation with Roger Malina, Bill Moulton, and Julian Gresser


Painting and Music Attribution

The School of Athens was painted by Raphael and is displayed in the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican City

Musical excerpts:

Vivaldi Concerto Grosso D-minor L’Estro Armonico

D. Buxtehude– Alles, was ihr tut, BuxWV 4

Mozart Symphony 41 in C-major K 45 Toscanini conductor


Julian Gresser, How the Leopard Changed Its Spots—Evolutionary Values for an Age in Crisis

especially chapters and accompanying endnotes on Love, Beauty, Vitality, Wisdom, and Synchronicity

Julian Gresser, The Explorers Mind  3rd Edition (2023)

Laughing Heart—A Field Guide to Exuberant Vitality for All Ages—10 Essential Moves, in particular, Harvesting Creative Genius in Music

Robert Root-Bernstein, Discovering, 1991

Academic perspectives:

James Engell, Humanists All Harvard Magazine January-February 2023

Why Doing a PhD is Often a Waste of Time



·      Story of Mozart’s Life

·      Amadeus

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