Resilient Communities Course—Audio #1: The Opportunity and the Journey by Julian Gresser 

Hello. I’m Julian Gresser. I would like to introduce the Opportunity and the Journey of our 12 week online/living course.

As David Attenborough describes in his poignant video, Breaking Boundaries,  we have already crossed 7 critical planetary thresholds. We have entered a perfect storm of cascading troubles.

In addition to the destruction of diverse and bountiful nature, of millions of beautiful animals and plants, our modern industrialized society is based on vulnerable, tightly coupled systems. This means even a minor perturbation can trigger a chain reaction that can rapidly result in a massive systems collapse. So many people today are already suffering and unable to cope with inordinate stress. Over the next 5-10 years it is estimated that millions of C-level, middle management and blue collar jobs will be displaced by AI with few opportunities for reskilling. Tens of thousands of people are already burning out at work and as caregivers at home, leading lives of quiet desperation.

This is happening not by some wicked chance occurrence. In my work at BBILAN as an international environmental public interest lawyer, we have hard evidence that systems are intentionally being manipulated and compromised by dark forces, driven by power, extractive greed, and lack of conscience. One example is the imposition of a 5G wireless infrastructure, which will blanket entire communities with EMF radiation emitting devices, invade privacy, create fire hazards, and hog huge amounts of energy, all to support a new generation of fast streaming videos, autonomous vehicles, and an internet of things, which a discerning public might not even want. I refer to these forces as “The Shadow Players,” and their grim work, “The Shadow Game.”

The relentless drive to maximize profit—measured by GDP—Gross Domestic Product as the primary, if not sole determinant of the overall value of goods and services, virtually compels this present catastrophe, because it excludes all the qualities and values that nourish human Wellbeing—Happiness, Wisdom, Beauty, Kindness, Generosity, Compassion, Harmony with Nature, and Love.

Is there a sane path through this storm? On the portal of Dante’s Hell are inscribed these words: “Ye who enter give up all hope.”

But what if there is a realistic basis forpractical hope?  Some viewers may be skeptical. We have learned to feel helpless. What if individually, in cohorts, organizations, and entire communities we can reclaim a large measure of control over our lives, and begin the process toward an evolutionary shift upward? It is possible. Indeed this shift is already happening all around us. And the wonder of it is it is beginning with modest, micro moves– small triumphs in unheralded situations– that have the potential to transform themselves into cascades of virtue, joy, and happiness, once we understand how to connect, combine, and transfer their vital generative energies.  

· In the next audio we introduce a key to this evolutionary phenomenon. It is called “Integral Resilience.” We will explain the power that is released when Integral Resilience is coupled with a new model of Synergistic Leadership supported by humane breakthroughs in AI.

© Copyright Julian Gresser, March 2024

Bonus: Evolutionary Conversation with Doug  Wood, Co-Founder, Americans for Responsible Technology –“Ethics and 21st Century Technologies”

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