Empowering 10,000 Cities to
Meet Climate Change Challenges by 2030

Gaiapolis’ Mission is by 2030 to inspire and to help to bring about a global transformation and 21st Century Renaissance through allied networks of cities and associated bioregions that give highest priority to local inhabitants and their communities (“Wall Street to Main Street”), addressing their soul’s needs and aspirations, generating new, meaningful, and creative jobs, living closely in harmony with nature, empowering local control, ownership, and management of local infrastructure

The Gaiapolis platform will:

  • Help member cities imagine and simulate environmentally and socially sustainable futures, using available interactive simulation technology.
  • Provide direct training and coaching for evolutionary change agents and practical implementers in a broad range of essential skills including leadership, negotiation, strategic alliances, public/private partnerships, collaborative innovation and IP, climate change technologies, climate change law, and evolutionary values.
  • Introduce and facilitate financing options
  • Guide and empower the process through innovations in Wisdom AI driven by the millions of users in the Gaiapolis Cities Global Network


Invitation for Collaboration

Gaiapolis recognizes that there exist today more well established initiatives that are dedicated to similar goals as Gaiapolis, including the Integral, Compassionate, Green, Happy City Initiatives, to name a few. Gaiapolis will endeavor to identify, learn from, and incorporate the best practices, discoveries, and innovations of these other networks and explore the feasibility of collaborative projects.

Regaining Global Balance and Integrity Through Effective Advocacy and Legal Action

In an increasingly hyper-polarized world, the BroadBand International Legal Action Network (BBILAN) offers a path to find wise and balanced solutions for the global challenges of continuous over-exposure of the public—especially children, disabled, economically disadvantaged, and minority communities—to polarized non-ionizing radiation. 

Our goal is to build a safe and resilient 21st Century Communications/Information Infrastructure here on Earth and in Outer Space. The field is alive with technological innovations that require new and compassionate ways to think and act that address the deepest concerns of humanity.

Our professional network of lawyers and relevant experts is dedicated to redirecting the Wireless Juggernaut toward balance and wisdom. Our species is rushing toward a future that feeds our addiction to speed, instant gratification, energy consumption, and disconnection from Earth. By creatively working together, we have a chance to cause a shift.

We are accomplishing our goal through concerted and effective legal action and education. We offer an opportunity for human-centered lawyering on an international scale, based on the principle of Paying Forward, or passing the fruits of our discoveries and innovations on to empowered communities, thereby accelerating the process of new learning and practical applications.

We welcome your contributions.

US-Japan Evolutionary Partnership

While industry leaders like Elon Musk are calling for a pause on Open AI development (see also The AI Dilemma), we may already be too late. The genii is out of the box. A more realistic way to address this planetary challenge is to accelerate the highest and best uses of Open AI, based on Evolutionary Values and processes in an application we are calling “Wisdom AI.” A powerful driver and opportunity to design, test, and deploy Wisdom AI for the benefit of our planet is for it to incorporate it within a Gaiapolis collaborative learning platform supporting a U.S.-Japan Evolutionary Partnership with millions of users. 

The timing is auspicious. The Japanese Ministry of Economy and Industry (METI) has issued a stark warning in its2025 Digital Cliff” DX Report noting that if the present shortage of professionals in information and communications technology (ICT) is left unremedied, Japan’s GDP will drop by ¥12 trillion by 2025. The Japanese government has signaled its interest in encouraging investments in California. NTT is doubling the size of its optical fiber research lab and investments in Sunnyvale, California, and California is 4th largest global market. At the same time, California brings technology, capital, entrepreneurial skills, and declining urban environments in desperate need of new vision, leadership, and value-based community advocacy and organization. Japanese companies are being called upon to transform.

A U.S.-Japan Evolutionary Partnership can begin by addressing an urgent shared challenge where practical solutions will benefit all cities in the Gaiapolis Network: to apply Wisdom AI to the shared challenge of disaster prediction, preparedness, planning, management, mitigation, and recovery.

Wisdom/Ethical AI Research Project

The important video, The AI Dilemma, addresses a fundamental challenge for the 21st century: how to guide this revolutionary technology to its noblest uses for humanity and the natural world?

Julian Gresser and Bill Moulton have given over thirty years of thought to answering this question.  The research project builds on early prototypes of a wisdom expert systems, including The Artful Navigator (See: Julian Gresser Piloting Through Chaos—The Explorers Mind (2nd Edition 2023), Evolutionary Values, Mindfulness, Big Heart Intelligence principles.

It will combine the wisdom genome of diverse cultures – Western, Eastern and Indigenous – with existing and emerging art, music, literature, dance, photography and other expressive art forms, with the goal of catalyzing a 21st Century Renaissance.


Big Heart Intelligence

Big Heart Intelligence (BHI) and Big Heart Technologies

BHI is the next generation of vitality and resilience building skills after emotional intelligence and mindfulness that engages the energy fields of Heart, Mind, and Core (Hara/Dantian) together.

BHI is a core individual competency but also and equally useful for corporations and non-profit organizations seeking to play an environmentally and socially responsible role in the 21st century drawing on the power of Wisdom AI.

Strategic Collaborations

TANDO Institute

The TANDO Institute is a pioneering “think and do” initiative, founded by Dr. George Kozmetsky, who in collaboration with Fellows of TANDO’s precursor IC(2) Institute. (See: TANDOs List of Fellows)

The original Global Fellows are the hand-picked advisors of the late pioneering techno-billionaire, legendary business dean and National Medal of Technology winner George Kozmetsky.

Drawn from the world’s leading universities and consultancies, the Fellows were chosen for their combination of interdisciplinary scientific/ engineering expertise and achievements in technology commercialization, foresight, entrepreneurship, and policy.

TANDO is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 

Americans for Responsible Technology

Americans for Responsible Technology (ART) is a national coalition of grassroots organizations using the latest science to support the deployment of safe, economical and future-proof wired technology and promoting equitable access to technologies that benefit society and protect the health, safety, security, privacy and property of all Americans. BBILAN is currently cooperating on a series of webinars highlighting the practical applications of Evolutionary Values in various legal cases led by ART.

ART is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 


Leonardo fosters transformation at the nexus of art, science, and technology because complex problems require creative solutions.

We serve to empower an inclusive global network, a borderless community where all belong in pursuit of a more vibrant, just, and regenerative world.

Roger Malina is a physicist, astronomer and executive editor of the Leonardo publications at MIT Press. With dual appointments as a professor of arts and technology and a professor of physics at UT Dallas, he focuses on connections among the natural sciences and arts, design and humanities. 

With the support of founding board members like Frank Oppenheimer, the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology (Leonardo/ISAST) was formed in 1982. Leonardo/ISAST was created to address the rapidly expanding needs of the art, science and technology community, by participating in conferences, symposia, festivals, lecture series and awards programs, in addition to its various publishing activities (including early digital publications).

Leonardo/ISAST continues to identify new avenues to serve the art, science and technology community. Recognizing that the critical global challenges of the 21st century require the mobilization and cross-fertilization of practitioners in the fields of the arts, sciences and technology, Leonardo/ISAST fosters collaborative explorations, both nationally and internationally, resulting in interdisciplinary projects, meetings and events, while disseminating and documenting the most creative and promising ideas of our time. After 50 years, the organization continues to evolve alongside the work and ideas of the artists, scientists, researchers, scholars and practitioners that together form the Leonardo Network.

Leonardo/ISAST is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 

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