Piloting Through Chaos: The Explorer’s Mind – Interactive eBook


Piloting Through Chaos—The Explorers Mind (2013) Expands upon the 1985 work and includes a second book, The Explorers Mind — The Explorers Mind introduces the Explorers Wheel, a tool to help us develop “intertidal thinking.” 

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This product is the only available online version eBook and is half the price of the 2nd edition of the printed book which you can purchase on Amazon.

Book I introduces the principle of integrity.

Integrity is a basic connecting principle of the universe. It can explain what holds things together and why they fall apart. Piloting Through Chaos teaches how to apply this principle practically in a new and effective system of negotiation.

Book II will appeal to adventurers and explorers of both the external and inner worlds.

The Explorer’s Mind guides us through 8 interconnected realms: the Past, Wisdom, Beauty, Life Force, Discovery, Invention, Innovation, Philanthropy, the Networked Brain, and the Future. The “intertidal” zones, where these realms interpenetrate, open a treasure trove of creativity and innovation.

A 3rd Print Edition of Piloting Through Chaos — The Explorer’s Mind, including an Author’s Preface, will be published and available after September 1, 2023.