MCLE Webinar Series: The Art of Human Centered Lawyering

3 live webinar hours (including 30 minutes Ethics Hours, 30 minutes Substance Abuse/Mental Illness Hours), approved in California, and pending in other jurisdictions. Certificates of Completion will be issued.

These 6 webinars provide a path through the present crisis of well-being facing the legal profession as documented in the 2017 ABA Commission Report, including ½ hour on Competence and ½ hour Legal Ethics

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A Challenged Profession

The rates of alcoholism, substance abuse, depression, burnout, and suicide among attorneys today are among the highest among the professions, and these trends start developing in law school. All of these maladies also involve high co-morbidity with hypertension, diabetes, cardiac illness, some forms of cancer, and various neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s. The 2017 Report of the ABA Commission on Lawyer Well-Being suggests the present health statistics may reflect an even deeper cultural crisis of culture.

What if Happiness is an Antidote? At the same time there is mounting scientific evidence that happy lawyers and law firms are also healthier, more creative, and profitable. How can you make this proposition a living reality in your daily practice?

Welcome to The Art of Human-Centered Lawyering

Introduction – Connects the common threads of Big Heart Intelligence, wise decision making, character, resilience, compassion, and effective collaboration.

The Happiness Advantage – (interview with Mark Davis, Esq. managing partner, Davis, Levin, and Livingston) – Module # 1 explores the fundamental idea that happiness is not so much the result of imaginative legal genius and skill, but far more significantly, it is theessential enabling factor of success.

Going Behind the Mask – Module # 2 focuses on the strategic importance of character in human behavior, and the practical uses of deciphering character in complex negotiations and collaborative relationships of all kinds.

Managing Tragic Choices – Module # 3 applies Big Heart Intelligence and “inter-tidal thinking” to government and business decisions that appear to offer huge societal benefits but may also have disastrous consequences. The focus is on government industrial policies to transform global IT infrastructure based on 5G, AI, and an Internet of Things. But the lessons go deeper for how attorneys can make wise decisions and navigate through “tragic choices” in all phases of their professional and personal lives.

Public Advocacy and Big-Hearted Collaboration under the Individuals Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) – Module # 4 proposes a 5 year Moonshot of Compassion in which attorneys can make an extraordinary contribution in helping 7 million children have a chance for a happy life. Attorneys have a unique opportunity to help design a big-hearted framework of collaboration for parents, these children, and school boards based on 50 years of evidence-based science and practice, a visionary statute, the Individuals Disabilities Education Act, and an important U.S. Supreme Court decision.

The Descent, Ascent, and Redemption of Attorney, Laurie Besden (Competence/Substance Abuse) – Module # 5 pinpoints the extraordinary things that can happen, even in the darkest storms, when Self Care is coupled to simple acts of kindness and compassion (Paying Forward).

Self Care as a Principle of Legal Ethics (1/2  hour Legal Ethics) – Module # 6 recognizes that SelfCare is essential for attorneys in performing their obligations to clients, partners, associates, employees, officers of the courts, and society at large. It proposes an amendment to the Code of Professional Responsibility to recognize the principle of Self Care in a way that will strongly support current Lawyer Assistance Programs.