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We are entering an extraordinary new phase in human history where Dystopian and Utopian forces are pulling us apart and bringing us together at exponential speed. Real time Dystopia or Utopia. It is a chilling thought. With Open AI and other frontier technologies Dystopia or Utopia have become a living reality. How the Leopard Changed its Spots makes the fundamental point that each of us, in our own way, has a choice. We needn’t become slaves to these exciting technologies. We are the makers of our destinies. And it can occur simply by the practice of Just Click! which activates the Heart’s energy field of Love, and then uses it to guide the Mind and convert its Wisdom into action. The book begins the journey.


The Leopard has a distinct lineage. It began with an inspiration from Zen practice in the Sanun (3 clouds) Zendo in Kamakura, Japan in the 1980s when I began seriously to explore the processes of external and internal discovery. This resulted in:

“Inventing for Humanity—A Collaborative Strategy for Global Survival”

Thereafter, I hit upon the idea of wisdom as a learnable skill, and tested and developed this idea by applying it to the training of professional negotiators. The resulting “wisdom expert system” (The Artful Negotiator) was based on the principle of integrity , as described in:

Piloting Through Chaos—Wise Leadership/Effective Negotiation for the 21st Century ; also, The Explorers Mind.

Several other works followed, inspired by my training with qigong grandmaster, Li Junfeng, and his own discoveries relating to the energy field of Love around the Heart. His teaching has inspired Big Heart Intelligence (with William Moulton) and Integral Resilience.

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“Julian Gresser is among the most widely thoughtful people of his generation. How the leopard changed its spots is as deep as it is wide in topical scope. His journey to save us from species self-destruction has been a life truly worth living. This a great book impossible to put down. Every page is filled with wisdom and spiritual energy.” Stephen G. Post, PhD, Director of Medical Humanities, Professor of Family, Population and Preventive Medicine, Stony Brook University

“This magisterial book made me “stop-look-go”. It promotes desirable ingenuity, rather than innovation. It weaves together wiser, overlapping futures. Gresser is a world expert in the “hard” humanities. The hard humanities are an attempt to redefine and focus the humanities to apply knowledge to solve social problems in a complex system of 8 billion humans. Gresser applies Einstein’s dictum to solve our problems in other ways than we used to create them. He has changed my thinking, favorably, often, in the half century I have known him.” Roger Malina, PhD, Professor of Art and Technology, Professor of Physics, University of Texas, Houston; Executive Director Emeritus, Leonardo

“Thank you again Julian for the  gift of your book –  your valedictory address to your life, and to life itself. The ‘evolutionary values’ you explore and articulate so masterfully, is a kind of Dharma of its own accord. It’s also—I sense—a love poem to your wise teachers of all faiths, the opportunities that have befallen and engaged you and to your beloved Angela (all part of your Sangha!). Those of us—your family heritage and friends- can only count the leopard spots, even as they continuously change.” Randall Weingarten, MD Adjunct Clinical Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Stanford Medical School

I can say that the book is a highly interesting portrayal of the development and changing foci of one of the most formidable intellects that I have encountered and that the emphasis on love of mankind, nature, the universe is the only recipe that can save us in the end. Peter L. Murray, Visiting Professor of Law, Harvard University

“Your beautiful and fascinating book arrived last weekend. It is so beautifully written, thoughtful and inspiring, and we’re taking our time to digest and fully appreciate the wisdom and peacefulness which pervades the book.” Doug Wood, Founder and Director Americans for Responsible Technology. 

Other Works by Julian Gresser

Hard Cover/Paperbacks

Environmental Law in Japan (co-authored with Koichiro Fujikura and Akio Morishima (1981) A comprehensive treatise including English translations of all the major pollution trial decisions.

Environmental Law in Japan began as a course at Harvard Law School in 1976-77, when it was said to be not only the first American course on Japanese environmental law, but the first such course anywhere. The authors, who were the teachers of that two-semester course, include two English-speaking Japanese with substantial experience in the United States and one Japanese-speaking American with substantial experience in Japan. The product is in part a casebook (but with discussion instead of questions following the cases) and in part a detailed history and analysis of Japanese environmental laws.

Partners in Prosperity—Strategic Industries for the U.S. and Japan (1985) (in Japanese Cho Hanei Sengen) Based on the work of the U.S. State Department’s 1980-81 Japan Industrial Policy Group, an interagency/Congressional/industry Task Force challenged to develop an effective national response to Japan’s industrial policies. Partners in Prosperity introduces the “Trigger Method”,  a way to assess the strategic leverage of certain technologies and industries; proposes a collaborative model beginning with the U.S. and Japan whereby countries can collaborate for shared prosperity in promoting and integrating the accelerated development of their own strategic industries. Foreshadows the Gaiapolis Initiative.

Piloting Through Chaos—Wise Leadership, Effective Negotiation for the 21st Century (1995) (in Japanese: Isshi Kettei: Itsutsu non Hosoku—Koshodo no Gokui) Introduces a proven system of Artful and Resilient Negotiation based on the core principle of integrity.

Offers a practical method of navigation, known as The Five Rings, by which you can instantly assess where you are, where you want to be, how to get there, how to use your pain to find your power, how to adjust to change, how to correct errors, how to repeat successes, and what moves to make next. The “magnetic pole” of The Five Rings is a single word – integrity – in which the author has uncovered a new, mysterious and dynamic power. Integrity is the capacity of all living things to maintain their sense of connectedness, coherence, wholeness and creative vitality. By developing this fundamental life-skill, you will possess the Pilot’s Compass.

Piloting Through Chaos—The Explorers Mind (2013) Expands upon the 1985 work and includes a second book, The Explorers Mind. The Explorers Mind introduces the Explorers Wheel, a tool to help us develop “intertidal thinking.” A 2nd Edition of Piloting Through Chaos, including an Author’s Preface, will be published and available after May 1, 2023.

Book I introduces the principle of integrity. Integrity is a basic connecting principle of the universe. It can explain what holds things together and why they fall apart. Piloting Through Chaos teaches how to apply this principle practically in a new and effective system of negotiation. Book II will appeal to adventurers and explorers of both the external and inner worlds. The Explorer’s Mind guides us through 8 interconnected realms: the Past, Wisdom, Beauty, Life Force, Discovery, Invention, Innovation, Philanthropy, the Networked Brain, and the Future. The “intertidal” zones, where these realms interpenetrate, open a treasure trove of creativity and innovation. 


Online Books and Apps

Laughing Heart—a Field Guide to Exuberant Vitality for All Ages—10 Essential Moves (2014) A practical guide on how to develop Big Heart Intelligence individually and within communities.

In this Guide heart is understood as the “governor” of the mind and qi. When our heart is quiet, relaxed, and peaceful, the mind is stable and balanced. Our heart opens naturally and we receive external qi, which blends with our body’s internal qi.

There is a direct relationship between the cultivation of qi and the creative process. When the qi is unimpeded, it helps the heart and mind transcend conventional silos of thought and experience, and guides the explorer to the “intertidal zones”—the intersections of established domains of knowledge where we can discover wellsprings of creativity, invention, and innovation. 

Integral Resilience—Helping Communities ThriveA practical guide for individuals and communities to cultivate Integral Resilience, the capacity to turn adversity to advantage by learning the art of flow.

Integral resilience is one of those domains of consciousness wherein vast aquifers of knowledge connect and open new frontiers for exploration. In this place we can find inspiration to join together in beneficial actions that reduce misery and redeem our common humanity. 

We introduce a new conception of “integral resilience,” as a core life competency that can build upon and enhance the existing literature on resilience. 

5 Minutes to ResilienceAn app that helps users to enhance their resilience in 5 minutes of daily practice, tapping playfully into the power of Synchronicity.

Integral Resilience is the Rosetta Stone for Behavioral Change underlying Robust Health, Life Force, Imagination, Creativity, and Longevity. What if it can be cultivated in 5 minutes of practice several times a week? The 5 Minutes to Resilience (5M2R) app provides a fast way to build adaptability, endurance, and fortitude to face life’s important challenges.

Online Courses

My Personal Resilience Journey

This course is designed with busy people in mind. Integral Resilience offers powerful leverage for busy people in another way: it is a foundational skill that underlies and empowers all other positive behaviors. What if you can continue to be busy – if that is your choice and necessary preference – but there is a way not to sacrifice what is really precious in life – what matters most? 

The Resilient Negotiator

Resilient Negotiator course helps you develop and design a practical negotiation Action Plan and implement it effectively. It includes: complete self study-system and materials, worksheets, exercises, Resilience online Codex, resources, Book, special topic Webinars. For all professions. One-time price for lifetime access

The Art of Human-centered Lawyering

These 6 webinars provide a path through the present crisis of well-being facing the legal profession as documented in the 2017 ABA Commission Report, including ½ hour on Competence and ½ hour Legal Ethics

The Resilient Organization

The Resilient Organization – 1 Day Training + 30 Day Coaching program for single organizations or strategic alliances of multiple organizations. Delivers a Strategic Road Map and Action Plan. Participants receive support and coaching in the system for 30 days producing measurable increase in the organization’s Integral Resilience Quotient (IRQ) and Resilience Advantage