Introduction to Just Click!—A Gift


Just Click!—A Simple Practice

I would like to offer you a gift. It is a simple practice. It may change your life. It has mine. It is  possible. Try this.

First, Just Click your fingers. This sends a signal to your autonomic nervous system— you are entering a place of peacefulness and refuge.

Refuge. In this moment,  the troubles and turmoil of the outside world slip away and vanish, and the inner becomes alive. You can choose this place of refuge, any time you wish. 

Quieting the Heart. Next, quiet the energy field around the Heart. When the Heart is quiet, the Mind also becomes peaceful.”

Here is an image that helps me to quiet the Heart. I simply merge with the stillness, the light of the moon over the lake.

Opening the Heart. Now, bring your awareness to this energy field which surrounds the Heart. It is filled with Qi , the Chinese word for subtle energy, and Love. The Love energy field is especially powerful. Now open this energy field of Love and Qi and connect it to your physical heart. I have found this produces an eddy of vital energy around my physical heart. There is no tension between a tranquil mind and an open Heart. They complement of one another.

Dialoguing with the Heart. Often the physical heart responds, and thus begins a dialogue with the energetic Heart.

Connecting the Heart Energy to External and Inner Fields.  Next, I observe what is happening right before me in the external or inner worlds. I take note of whatever presents itself, or seems at that moment to tug at my awareness, saying, however gently, “How about me?” It can be a hummingbird, a leaf, a cloud, an idea, an emotion, or simply silence. For this practice, it really doesn’t matter. What matters is whatever appears at this moment in your life, as if for the very first time. I experience this moment in innocence. Then I connect the Heart energy field to this sudden manifestation of the essential world, with Love…and often it reciprocates. I find even a rock can reciprocate with Love. The deeper I connect, the more powerfully what is appearing, responds.

Observe closely what is starting to happen.

Happiness. For me, this dynamic exchange of Love with each moment is a state of Happiness, even bliss. I am reminded  once again that what is most essential is to love our life.

Vitality and Resilience. After experiencing all of the above, I feel my life force, resilience, and creative powers gathering.

Gratitude. I am deeply grateful for this chance encounter, which is available to me, whenever I choose, each day, each moment, ever new.

Paying Forward. I do not hoard the joy it has brought me, but rather pass it on.

Quiet, Open, Connect. That’s it!

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