How to Play 5M2R

Here’s how we recommend you begin. 

Step # 1Setting Your Baseline. Please fill out this Integral Resilience Baseline

Step # 2Tracking Your Progress. We suggest you update Baseline, as you develop your Integral Resilience and begin to experience the Resilience Multiplier Effect. If you are attending the Resilient Communities Course, you will be asked to retest your baseline at the beginning, end and once a month during the course.

Step # 4Spin the Resilience Wheel 3 times, and take stock of the 5M2R modules that your random spin presents. Select and explore one that especially resonates with your CRQ.

Step # 3Formulate a Core Resilience Question (CRQ) that is most important to you. Please formulate it as a “brush” or interrogatory question—how, why, when, what, where.

Step # 5—”Inter-tidal” Connections–Now proceed to other modules. Keep a sharp look out for “intertidal” connections, in other words, ways in which each of these modules overlaps or helps to reinforce others. Inter-tidal connections between ordinary ways of thinking often contain deep ores of innovators gold!

Step # 6— Explorers Wheel–If a major new question or idea comes to you (we suggest you listen to # 26 Noticing), you might want to place it at the center of the Explorers Wheel, and spin the Wheel. Let the Explorers Wheel be your guide through a “wormhole” of the mind to new connections and discoveries. ( See section in My Personal Resilience Journey; also: Explorers Wheel)

Step # 7Teams–The Resilience Multiplier Wheel is fun to play with friends. For optimal effects we suggest playing in groups of 3, 5, and 10. We anticipate specially interesting effects with the “Power of 10.”

Step # 8—Continue to Track the Development of Your IRQ by checking the IRQ Questionnaire.

Step # 9—Community Resilience Multiplier. Please note the especially powerful effects of Paying Forward (5M2R # 22)  Kindly share your discoveries and insights with the 5M2R Collaborative Learning and Innovation Network. (We will curate and publish with your permission.)

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Notes: Exploring Resilience Synchronicity (3 Effects)

Intelligent Randomness. Although the Resilience Discovery Wheel randomly selects 5M2R modules, we hypothesize we may observe “hidden variable determination” effects, reflecting, perhaps, a natural (quantum) entanglement. You may discover highly meaningful correlations of your selections with the modules the Wheel identifies. Please note these connections.

Holographic Effect. We postulate that you may also rapidly observe a Resilience Multiplier Effect, because each module contains strong elements of every other. This is because all of the modules are based on the principles of Integrity and Big Heart Intelligence, as described in the references to Laughing Heart–A Field Guide to Exuberant Vitality 10 Essential Moves; and Integral Resilience—Helping Communities Thrive. The result is developing skill in one area, easily and rapidly transfers to many other “moves.”

Field of Heart/Mind Effect. The energetic foundation of the 5M2R series is the energies of Qi and Love. You may note a cascading community-wide effect that greatly exceeds the number of people who are actually playing the Resilience Multiplier Wheel. 

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How to Use the Interactive Forms

Click on the Form name links below to open any of the available forms. Once you have submitted any form you can see your saved results under your My Account page (click DASH on the header)

Integral Resilience Baseline ProfilerSets a baseline for your physical, emotional, perceptual, spiritual, and relational resilience. The Profiler helps you plan your 5M2R program, selecting those “elixirs” that are most germane to your Integral Resilience Plan.

Integral Resilience Progress ProfilerTracks and measures your enhanced physical, emotional, perceptual, spiritual, and relational resilience. As you progress, you may note that your Resilience Multiplier builds, because you are able to draw sustenance and inspiration from an increasingly wide arc of experiences and practical applications.

Field NotesEnables you to track and to measure errors (“falling off”), wins, and recoveries in all your important negotiations—the secret to continuous enhanced performance. You can use Field Notes to track your discoveries in cultivating Integral Resilience which will translate directly in enhanced performance in all your negotiations. You can easily validate this proposition by comparing the results in Action Logs in The Resilient Negotiator program.

Explorers WheelEnables you to develop the power of “inter-tidal thinking”, connecting large domains of knowledge and experience around your important questions.  You may observe the interesting phenomenon noted by NASA that resilience need not decline with advancing age. In fact, scientists of neuroplasticity are discovering that as more neurons fire together, they wire together. Which suggests your cognitive powers—including your ability to uncover connections—may increase as you enjoy playing the Explorers Wheel!

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Frontier Research

Enriched Codex. We anticipate these above 3 effects will be enhanced as we add new modules to the 5M2R Codex.

Principle of Increasing Fidelity. As players build Integral Resilience, their ability to See the World As It Is in a balanced way without distortion will increase. For this reason we hypothesize the data generated, although still subjective, will become increasingly reliable and useful.

Curated Research. As our collective learning and innovation process continues, we will provide references to the best scientific research on Synchronicity and related effects on community health and well-being. We welcome your thoughts and suggestions.

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