Evolutionary Course: Building Regenerative Careers in the Fourth Sector Economy (Coming March 2024)

What if you can realize your soul’s work and be paid for it? 

Gallup estimates in 2022 that the loss in productivity to the world from people disengaged from work at $ 7.8 trillion. And this number likely greatly underestimates the added costs of life threatening illnesses, depression, addiction, and suicide—all stemming from disenchantment with work.

What if you can be a game changer? What if you and thousands of others together can begin to turn this gloomy situation around toward a world of happiness and hope?

In our course beginning March 2024, you will:

  • learn the art of connecting to an “inner voice” what Socrates called his ‘eudaimon‘  who will help you to discover your life’s calling. (Eudaimonia in Greek is the word  for happiness.)

You can join an Evolutionary Exchange of imaginative 21st century companies, non-profit organizations, foundations, and benefactors that may actually be interested to support your engaging in your life’s calling, on the one condition that your work significantly benefit your community.

You will be able to:

  • track and measure your progress 
  • persevere and build resilience despite disappointments and reverses in fortune
  • measure the $ millions of dollars in qualitative and quantitative benefits you are bringing to your community by your soul’s work
  • pay forward the benefits your receive to others

How many passionate people working together can be a game changer? Our data suggests 1 starts the process; 3 may be sufficient, working in teams, equipped with the practical skills you will learn in this course. 

A final essential element: the adventure must be fun. Otherwise, as Paul Reps observed, better left undone.

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