Conversation with Professor Jerome A. Cohen

Interview with Professor A. Cohen with a Focus on China

  • Jerry, you are a great teacher 大老師 beloved by thousands of students around the world. On a personal level, what are a few important insights, lessons, or principles of wisdom that you could share from such a wonderful life as you have enjoyed?
  • Turning to China, it appears especially in recent years that a shift in values has occurred in China. Toward what values? Will these values  enhance the lives of millions of people in China and the rest of the world? Or will they take us in an opposite direction? In short, from the perspective of my new book, How the Leopard Changed Its Spots, are these values “evolutionary”–in that they will contribute to our individual, community, planetary survival, or are they devolutionary, and will make us less peaceful, happy, and vital?
  • What do you see as China’s most pressing challenges, and how is China’s leadership handling them in your opinion?
  • Will China invade Taiwan, and if it does, what do you see will be the repercussions in East Asia and for the world?
  • How can the U.S. and China avoid a major war in Space, when the military in both countries is publicly saying a Space War is almost inevitable?
  • Are the U.S. and China already inextricably entwined? Is it even possible for us to go our separate ways?
  • What are the specific areas of opportunity–perhaps the last chance–where China, the U.S., Japan, and other countries can peacefully and constructively collaborate for the betterment of their people and the world? Are there any areas of beneficial leverage to cause a shift in the negative spiral the world is in? How might China help reverse this trend? ( JG briefly explains the Gaiapolis Initiative.)
  • If you were asked to mediate the relationship between the U.S. China, what are the deep questions you might ask the leadership in both countries to consider?

(Featured image in video  Water Dragons at Play © 2022 by Julian Gresser)

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